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That is lookin' good!

thank you for what you have done

yah man i get what your saying it can be hard to pin down exactly what resonates with the audience. but when ever i find some thing like what you made that a lot of people seem to be down with, it always just trys to speaks the truth and most of the time nothing else.
no preachy morality lesson no this is what i think we should do to fix at the end, just the truth of what every body seems to be going through.

some examples i think would help to pin down what im getting at
IN-SHADOW: A Modern Odyssey
Mr. Freeman, part 63
i pet goat 2
almost anything from illwillpress

they all seem to share this weird subconscious factor of repressed frustration that yours also has
any who i hope that helps

Yeah, I think you're right. Tapping into that communal frustration rather than trying to preach. Maybe the difference is one is giving voice to what everyone is already thinking, the other is trying to actively change what people are thinking.

Thanks for those links, i'll check them out!

Your experimental animation makes things feel fresh in this clickbait hellscape. Please keep it up.

'clickbate hellscape'. I like that, it rolls off the tongue.

Thanks man!

@hilltophobo @JamesLee your welcome, just remember what i said and i think it will all work out just happy to be of help

i think it is important to do what you want with your content. to be honest if you like doing one thing and the audiance likes it as well that is awesome but i also think you shouldn't get stuck in a scile where you only do what your fans want and you getting stuck in something you start to dislike after a while. you should try to do what you like and if people like it that is not your fault. it is not a reason to stop doing it if you enjoy that kind of creating. if you have a supportive but critical audiance they will respect your choice as well as help you in improving or even helping out how to make it more fun. just try not to get stuck in something you don't like ^^ (i am sure you are not doing what you dislike but i am just making sure. alot of people sometimes forget that they can do what they want and what they like and that they are not being controled like puppets on a string) anyway i wish you the best with creating ^^
(also do you know how freaking distracting that blue picture is while writing XD i litterly look at it every few seconds because it is so popping with the background XD )

Experimental things are the essential. But it seems like you was inspired by something. Exlonation of ideas reminds me mr. Freeman's stuff. In any case I like it very much.

Wait, you worked on the new Shaq Fu?!

oh man forgot i made that comment 2 years ago. man the fact that you kept up with that concept of 'communal frustration' makes me think. 2 years ago who would have thought the world was actually going to fucking end kind of. only reason i even found this again is because some one happy faced the post, and there's still only just 8 comments here. fucking butterfly effect Carl Jung Synchronicity or some fucking bullshit. i don't know and its all going to hell, but at least i know if i die tomorrow i would have at least had some kind of impact on the world. so yah that helps my depression quite a bit. hope you've been keeping spirits up at least.