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Still kicks ass the third time through. Glad to see it here on NG!

drushhh responds:

Thats means alot coming from you, Tarboy. Really appreciate it :)

Damn, Adam, it's good to see Bitey again.

I wouldn't worry about the people being hyper critical on the animation. Gotta be pragmatic at some point and get it done without going crazy. I see a lot of awesome technical improvements, the opening shot is beautiful, and I love the 2.5D camera work. If you need to go with a more cutout look here and there to better serve the story then I think its understandable.

chluaid responds:

thanks man!! This means a lot :) I always wanted to do this kind of multiplane stuff with Toon Boom in a personal project and the deformers are a real help for slow gradual movements. Very much looking forward to doing more frame-by-frame and technical effects stuff in this project.

I was at QCA on Sunday, looking at the art on the walls, and new that I recognised it from somewhere!

Awesome work to all involved. The texturing, cel shading and backgrounds all looked great together. I was really impressed with the shot composition too. I hope we get to see more from you and your team in the future!

GORGON-The-Mighty responds:

Thanks so much! You can keep track of us on our facebook page 'The Guardians Tale'.

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Awesome, can't wait to see more

I'm not normally into games with this sort of gameplay, but this was really well done and very addictive.
It was enjoyable waiting to see what the next gun was going to be like.

My only critisism was that it gets a little annoying having to switch my hand to reload, repair and buy guns. I'm not really used to PC shooters so it could just be me.

I'd love to see a game like this with more levels, a story and a wider range of weapons. Maybe trip wires, cloaking, and interactive level design. Multiplayer vs and co-op modes would kick ass too.



The concept is alot funnier than it sounds. I think it was your choice of words that makes this kick ass. Well done.

And thanks for reviewing my movie by the wya :)

isthatlegal responds:

cheers man,
yeh i review most movies i like,
but i hope u dint give me an 8 cos i reviewed ur movie

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Fuck yeeah. Awesome composition man

LIL-DIGGY responds:

Happy you like it man, knock yourself dead!

Thank you, Bryan. You've really captured the spirit of Tarboy. There's so many small nuances that really reflect the cartoon. I also like how you made Tarboy's forearms and fingers just that little bit sharper, something I wouldn't have thought of, but it really works. Everything about this really takes me back.

I wish I thoughta Tank-Pico

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