Batman Hates Bronies

2012-10-06 17:32:50 by JamesLee

The response to Batman Hates Bronies has been awesome! The long hours we put into it really paid off. It's our first video that's gone truly viral since Tarboy.

Getting more movies out over the next 6 months is our first priority, but we're still completing freelance projects as they come. Hania and I have got a few original movies in the pipeline too. We were thinking of doing a kind of 'show' based off some of her more light hearted songs. We want to aim more towards the tone of Roller Coaster Junkie; just something simple and fun. I've designed a character rig based off her, with a really simple design and some easy shapes. I've had a lot of fun bending it around and it's refreshing getting back to simplicity after my last few projects.

This show is going to be primarily for Hania's channel, and you can keep up to date on it via Hania's Facebook Fanpageand My Facebook Fanpage.

We want to get a really simple 'Trailer' for it out soon, like in the next week, but we'll see how we go :)

Batman Hates Bronies


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2012-10-06 18:49:45

Awesome! Sweet animation as usual!
Who knew that all you needed to go viral was to make something about batman and my little pony. hindsight I guess that's exactly what would happen.

This character design has a really weird face. No offense, real-life Hania.

JamesLee responds:

Hmm, I'm putting that down the facial animation being not being all the polished. I'll post a still design at some point for feedback I think :)


2012-10-06 21:00:24

Sounds like a solid plan. But yeah, the head.... you gotta play to Hania's actual features, not Jay Leno's :|

JamesLee responds:

Looks like I moved the features too high up her face on the top of the jump, I've barely touched the facial rig yet but I'll make sure she's not Hania Leno in the final video :)


2012-10-06 22:48:54

The whole thing sounds...what's the word I'm looking for? Strange, maybe? The plan sounds like it's already set in stone, so it isn't really like my two cents on the matter is going to change anything. I like that you're resorting back to simplicity (the "logo," or whatever you want to call it, seems pretty cool; it's just the Hania-Avatar is too stern in the face, as it doesn't look like it changes at all even when making a shift from the jumping to landing frame (I'm assuming you use Flash or After Effects for animation)). It's nice that you're trying to jump-start each others' campaign on launching your careers, but it seems so belittling that you have to make a show in order for her music to be truly recognized. I'm not at all saying that people don't recognize it when they hear it but rather that people should be able to say "I know this song!" without referring to a web show.
Just my thoughts on it. I'm not acting like I don't support it at all---I say that you better hit the ground running while you still can. If anything, just make it into a stream of music videos for her. Tell me if I'm misunderstanding the premise of the show; I'd hate for all of what I just said to go down on record without knowing.

(Updated ) JamesLee responds:

Let me explain a little more on the direction of the show:

She's always done short comedy songs, this is just a way to keep them all housed under something consistent. The songs will be created specifically for the show and targeted specifically for animation, ie: quick, funny pieces that probably wouldn't make sense without animation. It's an outlet to do some quick, simple interstitials. It's not going to be a platform for "Hey, Hania's got this deep, epic artistic work that she's slaved over, here's a cute cartoon character check it out." It's just a separate, side project for her channel.


2012-10-06 23:00:09

Tarboy 2? Will it ever happen? :o
Also, Australia represent! Way to put us on the map. ;)


2012-10-07 01:56:19

Jumping Hania is adorable.


2012-10-07 14:15:43

I'm your 3000th fan. You kick ass dude!


2012-10-07 19:32:11

Oh, now I understand it (more thoroughly, anyway). I'm looking forward to what you two have in store. I'm going to be guessing that Hania is making new songs for the shows?

JamesLee responds:

We're excited about it, I think it's going to be cool. Yeah, she's already made a couple, and she's got a few more ideas for future episodes :)


2012-10-08 03:59:46

good to see your not being a dick and disappearing. im sorry but i get paranoid about my favorite animators dieing and then i get mad


2012-10-14 04:13:20

this gif of your movie you want to make looks pretty good to me! btw, when does tarboy 2 come out? please pm me when you want me to have the answer!


2012-10-17 18:04:41

Batman Hates Bronies has got to be my all time favourite submission on newgrounds. Can't wait to see what comes of you next! :D


2012-11-04 04:49:02

Whoohoo! Go batman! Thanks for reminding everyone why MLP sucks. Good luck to you both!


2012-11-18 13:46:57

Loved that vid on YT, hilarious.