Robot Drawings!

2013-04-08 06:47:40 by JamesLee

Got some new stuff up on the art portal, check out my latest here: -home?context=ratings:etm.user:555827.scouted:.o ffset:0

I've been getting more in to illustration the last couple of months. It's a nice break from the usual pace, and I'm enjoying getting at least something up on to the site.

In the last month or so, I've been working on one of the funnest freelance projects I've done. I was able to work with one of my favorite bands to create some animation for their crowd sourcing campaign, and I'm pretty proud with how it turned out. Can't say much else about it until the video is released some time this month. I won't be able to submit it to the portal, but I'll be sure to whack it in a news post :)


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2013-04-08 07:03:10

Flapjacks with mayo


2013-04-08 07:24:38

Looks awesome. Almost as complex as that URL. :P

JamesLee responds:

I don't know what is going on with that crazy crazy url


2013-04-08 10:22:40 me-home
^also works (awesome art btw)


2013-04-08 15:36:21

I want Tarboy 2!


2013-04-08 23:42:43

Any other news

JamesLee responds:

Lots of news, but nothing I really want to get in to :)