New Art - Delinquent

2013-05-09 10:12:53 by JamesLee

Check it out nquent

This ended up taking much longer than I thought it would. My painting style is very slow, and it took forever to get the lips right. It's already set to wallpaper size if anyone's interested.

My main inspiration was the photography of Lewis Hine, but I was kind of going for a Shohei Otomo look. I initially wanted the rendering to be much simpler. but my skills aren't quite there yet to be able to reduce it down so much and retain the realism I wanted.

Lineart was done in Sketchbook Pro and Painted in PS


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2013-05-09 10:36:03

very sexy man, love it

JamesLee responds:

Thanks dude, I appreciate it!


2013-05-09 11:17:20

Front page!

(Updated ) JamesLee responds:

HELL YEAH! Thanks so much Tom!


2013-05-10 03:33:31

Great work on getting front paged James !


2013-05-10 09:42:30

Good art, Sketchbook Pro is great and it has a lot of awesome features but to me the brushes don't feel as good as the brushes in PS, do you know some brushes i could download that are as good?