New Art - No One's Business

2013-05-16 11:31:18 by JamesLee

Just submitted some new art titled 'No One's Business'. Click here to check it out

I get very antsy when I'm stuck in the one style for too long, and lately I've been feeling a bit constrained with animation-ey type art. It gets cumbersome drawing a character and constantly having to think about how it all fits together and whether it makes logical sense. Had a lot of fun doing this, just throwing down lines with no real structure, not caring too much about stray details and keeping it very loose. I'm really wanting to take this style further, and hopefully incorporate it in to something animated somehow.

Lately I've been enjoying painting a lot more than animation. Thanks to everyone who waits patiently between my lengthy film updates!


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2013-05-16 12:08:55

This is interesting, I like it. I have a suggestion - if you enjoy painting better at the moment make a bunch of backgrounds for the Samurai Jackish loooking cartoon. And when you go back to animating mode do the animation.

JamesLee responds:

Not a bad plan actually :)


2013-05-16 20:46:45