New cartoon! Welcome to React World™

2016-02-03 01:56:01 by JamesLee

I just submitted my first cartoon in over 2 years. Can't believe the time has gone so fast.

It's a pretty short one this time. It's a bit late for a topical video but the response is pretty good so far.



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2016-02-03 06:04:38

Today started well for me, it got even better after watching this. It's been too long General Lee, good to see you back! :)

JamesLee responds:

Thanks for the kind words Jim! I'm glad you liked it, It has been too long!


2016-02-03 14:28:45

did it use the original audio?

JamesLee responds:

Yeah it was the original audio, just edited and slowed down to make it creepier


2016-02-03 22:25:05

Thought so, great work, loved the animation!


2016-02-04 01:18:56

Your animation works so well with the surviving copies of the video I can still find in various forms. Thank you for bringing your animation talent to help illustrate this beautiful visualization of what took place just last week.
For those of you who haven't seen the original, Gnoggin has a video titled "No Fine Bros. You don't own Reaction Videos | Lockstin" which has the full original video by The Fine Bros.


2016-02-05 12:21:11

I love the style and backgrounds! Really great work!


2016-02-06 00:20:32

the colors are all just so great

it has such an apocalyptic feel

well done


2016-02-23 17:42:35

I have absolutely no idea what this cartoon is about. But, it's animated beautifully!


2016-10-02 11:35:01

Really happy to see another post from you! I caught this on Youtube when it came out and decided to check out your Newgrounds. Keep up the good work!


2016-10-25 20:42:12

so you probably hate when people ask this but are you any further along with tarboy 2 it would be cool to even see a preveiw or something. no presure tho, just curios.


2017-02-14 22:43:25

I agree with fiery vengeance. Your last tarboy animation was so good it's just devastating to wait. Seriously, you are talented! No pressure or anything.


2017-03-29 08:30:51



2017-04-04 17:30:08

hey cunt when is Tarboy 2 coming out?


2017-04-20 22:08:38

Come on guys, don't be jerks he should do it when he wants to if he wants to. No reason to be mean about it.