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Tarboy shirt designs - Round 2

2009-09-13 04:08:37 by JamesLee

I've taken note of all the comments about the shirt designs, and we've condensed it down to these 4 most popular designs (please view it large to see it in detail) I've included the image from my avatar, which quite a few people had suggested.

So if you could please let us know which of these 1 or 2 are your most favorite, that would help us select our final designs for print!

Thanks everyone for commenting!

Tarboy shirt designs - Round 2

Tarboy T Shirts - Help us choose a design!

2009-09-08 07:42:49 by JamesLee

It's been a while posting because we've been hard at work getting the music of Tarboy ready for release. We've also been getting some designs together to start printing Tarboy t-shirts!

We can only run with 2 designs (3 max) so we just want to gauge which of these designs are the most popular. Could you please view all of the designs in larger detail here and let us know which one or two would make the best shirt? If you don't like any, let us know why :)

In case anyone's wondering, there will be women's shirts as well. :)

Tarboy T Shirts - Help us choose a design!

Tarboy, new work and thanks

2009-08-25 07:37:43 by JamesLee

I just realized I never made a news post about Tarboy coming out, so I'll use this post to give a huge THANKS to everyone for your support with the film! It was a nerve-wracking few days before putting it out, wondering how it would be accepted, but the response completely blew away our expectations :O

We've actually got 2 more films we'll be putting out over the next few months. I'm just waiting for one of them to complete it's festival circuit. The sucky thing is that more often than not, the bigger festivals don't accept films that have been already shown to the public, so I hope you guys don't mind waiting a while :P

Tarboy's begining to make it's way around the net. In case anyone's interested

It's up on Deviantart here: http://jameslee.deviantart.com/art/TAR BOY-134560109
and youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACHVwA1 D8fE

Here's some random Tarboy II concept art...

Tarboy, new work and thanks

If you're a fan of Hania's music, check out Roller Coaster Junkie here


We put a lot of work into this one and it's good to finally get it out on NG!

Hania's new music video - Roller coaster junkie

This is the first time I've ever uninstalled a new version of Flash. I really WANTED to love this program, there was so many new features that sounded cool but seem so poorly implemented.

I could get over the unfarmiliar interface, and even the clunky new features, but the fact that it couldn't even open my CS3 documents was the deciding moment to uninstall.

Is anyone else experiencing issues to this degree?

I can see where the bones tool and the 2.5d features could come in handy here and there, but it seems like whenever they give us a new feature, they leave out tiny little things that could make them incredibly useful. In Flash 8 it was the blending modes and Effects, but they could only be applied to movie clips. Why not graphics? Movie clips are such a pain to work with, and they don't export to video properly.

In Flash CS4, they gave us the ability to set up multiplanes, but no 3D camera. What the hell? The bones feature is so hard to properly control, I've yet to see anyone produce any work at anywhere close to the level that can be achieved in Solo or Anime Studio. Just a couple of extra controls here could really help us out.

My guess is that Adobe don't want Flash and After Effects to overlap too heavily or else customers might think that they don't need After Effects with a 3D camera already built into Flash. Hopefully with CS4 not selling so well Adobe will wake up and realise they need to put a little more polish on their new products in future.

Anyway, there's my rant.

Hania's new song KICKS ASS!!!

2008-01-26 01:17:05 by JamesLee

Has anyone checked out Hania's new song in the audio portal? It's called "I want my life back" and it's freakin' awesome!

It's amazing how her voice and piano playing can be so captivating.

You should check her out on youtube too... she's really hot.

Till next time.

- James