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New Art!

2013-01-24 07:38:17 by JamesLee

It's been a long time since I've created anything that isn't for a larger scale project. I wanted to get something done that I could knock out in a couple of hours and just chill out to, so I did a painting.

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/jameslee/frac ture

What do you guys think about signatures in digital art? Personally, I think it makes it look a little more legit.

Batman Hates Bronies

2012-10-06 17:32:50 by JamesLee

The response to Batman Hates Bronies has been awesome! The long hours we put into it really paid off. It's our first video that's gone truly viral since Tarboy.

Getting more movies out over the next 6 months is our first priority, but we're still completing freelance projects as they come. Hania and I have got a few original movies in the pipeline too. We were thinking of doing a kind of 'show' based off some of her more light hearted songs. We want to aim more towards the tone of Roller Coaster Junkie; just something simple and fun. I've designed a character rig based off her, with a really simple design and some easy shapes. I've had a lot of fun bending it around and it's refreshing getting back to simplicity after my last few projects.

This show is going to be primarily for Hania's channel, and you can keep up to date on it via Hania's Facebook Fanpageand My Facebook Fanpage.

We want to get a really simple 'Trailer' for it out soon, like in the next week, but we'll see how we go :)

Batman Hates Bronies

I finally managed to get our new short 'Pregnetheus' up on NG, Check it out!

Typically I like to get my work out on NG and my Youtube channel simultaneously, but I had a couple of issues converting to .mp4 so it's up here a few days late. We're already working on a new short which we are hoping to get out at the end of July.

Aside from that, I have an Official Facebook Fan Page now. There's already a couple of fan pages for Tarboy, but they aren't controlled by me, so updates aren't guaranteed. If you want to keep up to date with all of my current and future project, just Like the page.

Someone is going to ask about Tarboy II. It's still coming, I'm just going to do some smaller stuff in the mean time, for the sake of sanity and also getting more youtube subscribers before I release it.

Pregnetheus and new Facebook fan page

We just submitted our 'sort of valentines day themed' movie 'Short and Sweet' . Check it out!

We didn't finish Tarboy 2 by the end of last year as we had planned. Things are still moving with it, just very slowly. Every time some freelance work pops up, we have to place it on the backburner. I'll try to get some new production art up on the blog some time soon. Thanks to everyone who's waiting patiently.

In other news. Hania and I were approved for our 5 year US Visa's last week, so we're looking forward to meeting many of you on Pico Day :)

24 in 24 Compilation video out now.

2011-12-15 08:52:27 by JamesLee

We've finally finished compiling and uploading 24 in 24 Twenty Eleven. you can view the NG submission here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

It's been a pretty draining couple of weeks. We only got to our 20th animation on the day before we completely burnt out and couldn't go on any longer. Over the next few days I was determined to finish off the remaining 4, but it was so draining even trying to completely a minimal amount of animation. I'm noly just recovering from a pain in the upp shoulder that I developed over the day from using the mouse for such a long period.

Doing this project was a reminder how much I need to start getting out a few smaller projects in between my larger films. Getting one film out per year lets me really focus on quality, but it's not exactly sustainable in the long run unless I'm continuously growing my fan base by periodically releasing content.

I've separated out some of the videos from 24in24 and made them into their own submissions on youtube. One video contains only the episodes from Toast and Cloud, and another is just Gross Nyan Cat. They aren't really substantial enough for my to post them as individual submissions on Newgrounds I don't think. It'll be interesting to see if it's beneficial in the end.

Tarboy 2 is still coming along, it's just been on hold for the last couple of weeks while we get all of this 24in24 stuff sorted.

24in24 Currently Streaming LIVE

2011-12-02 22:56:46 by JamesLee

Hi All

Live Stream happening now!

To watch the live stream of my animating things over the space of 24 hours, head to:

http://www.ustream.tv/channel/james-le e-animation

To watch Hania and hear her make music throughout the 24 hours, head to:


24in24 Twenty Eleven. Live this Saturday/Friday Night.

2011-11-25 19:39:25 by JamesLee

- Live from 8am, Saturday the 3rd of December, Brisbane Australia time.
- Watch it on Ustream here http://www.ustream.tv/channel/james-le e-animation

Hania and I are doing our 24in24 challenge again. We're doing this from our home in Brisbane at 8am on the 3rd of December.

For people who didn't see us last year, the idea is that we livestream work for 24 hours straight, creating what we hope will be 24 separate animations. People can talk to us on chat while we work and give us ideas. The final submission is really just secondary to the event itself, where everyone had a lot of fun last time

We'll most likely be doing it on livestream this year. I've got to work out a few more details and set it all up correctly, so I'll provide the url closer to the day. I'll post an update on here, but otherwise, you'll be able to find our more from my twitteror my blog shortly.

Last year, a few people missed out because of the time zone difference.

For everyone around the world, your start time will be different. eg:

8:00 a.m. Saturday December 3, 2011 in Australia/Brisbane
9:00 a.m. Saturday December 3, 2011 in Australia/Sydney/Melbourne
5:00 p.m. Friday December 2, 2011 in America/New_York
2:00 p.m. Friday December 2, 2011 in America/Los_Angeles
10:00 p.m. Friday December 2, 2011 in Europe/London

You can work out your own local time here http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-b in/tzc.tzc

Hope to see those who tuned in last year, as well as some new faces :)

24in24 Twenty Eleven. Live this Saturday/Friday Night.

Tarboy 2: Rigging Nash

2011-11-01 22:54:55 by JamesLee

Tarboy 2 is almost 50 percent complete, and I'm still on track for getting it released this year. I've made a new blog post where I outline some details on my rigging process.

http://www.tarboy.com/2011/11/tarboy-2 -rigging-nash/

Getting it done soon is top priority right now as we're leaving for New York in Febuary. All of the hardest work is now complete, I'm glad that I planned it so that each sequence would be easier than the last.

Tarboy 2: Rigging Nash

Tarboy 2 Update

2011-09-05 00:55:20 by JamesLee

I'm getting close to finishing the first of the four main sequences for Tarboy 2. Pre production is well and truly finished now and it's just a matter of grinding through animation and backgrounds.

The first sequence is mostly comprised of background art, which isn't a strength of mine, so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the second sequence and animating the character rigs which took so damn long to complete.

There's a lot more detail this time around, as I'm trying to focus less on designer-ey style graphics, and more towards something which gives a bit more dimension to the robot world. I'm running into problems with the output severely lagging now, as I'm not too willing to compromise on all the effects I've loaded into it. I'm at the stage where I have to decide whether I'll be rendering out as video; embedded in an SWF for Newgrounds release, or whether it'll be a hybrid of vector graphics; with the more detailed scenes rendered in video.

We're aiming for a release later this year, so hopefully too much doesn't get in the way in the mean time!

Tarboy 2 Update

Happy belated Robot day! I'm 6 hours late. Somehow I always seem to miss it. Exactly one year ago today, I was at the Newgrounds office, recovering from jet lag and a cold, missing out on most of the day on location. We're planning on going next year so hopefully I'll finally get a chance to participate!

Last week was the Melbourne meetup, which was a whole lot of fun. Thank you to Luis and Rubberninja for organizing the event. There was a lot of art created over the last couple of days, so hopefully it'll make it to the blog that is being put together. I'm looking forward to meeting you all again in person some time again in the future!

To celebrate Robot day, I'm posting up some robot-themed productions art for a project I'm working on. Enjoy :)

Robot Day - Melbourne Meet - Production Art